Paving the way for microbiome precision engineering

We use our synthetic biology platform, which combines CRISPR/Cas system with engineered phage capsids, to develop “eligobiotics”: a new generation of highly precise antimicrobials. We can program our eligobiotics to eliminate bacteria based on the genetic sequences they carry in their genome. As opposed to traditional antibiotics, our sequence-specific antimicrobials can therefore discriminate between close bacterial strains and selectively eradicate harmful bacteria from the microbiome while sparing the beneficial ones.

At Eligo, we believe that this disruptive approach will enable us to build a rich pipeline of eligobiotics to solve unmet needs in a wide range of industries: from health to cosmetics, food and agriculture…

Combating microbiome disturbances

In recent years, a growing body of research has linked the complex microbial ecologies that inhabit our bodies to diseases ranging from obesity to cancer. However, the ability to directly test hypotheses and to treat microbiome imbalances is hindered by the limited tools we have to manipulate these systems. Broad spectrum antibiotics that wipe out half of our gut flora and fecal transplants are akin to conducting heart surgery with a shotgun or weeding your garden with gasoline.

Eligo’s technology therefore provides a new approach to explore, understand and control bacterial ecosystems both in human and animals. We are currently actively pursuing the development of lead candidates for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Skin Diseases.

Combating antibiotic resistance

With the steady rise of antibiotic resistance and challenges of antibiotic development, there is a vital need for new antimicrobials that can kill the current and future resistant pathogens. Small molecule development pipelines are slow and expensive, and any new antimicrobial faces the harsh reality that resistance will arise at some rate.

Eligo’s technology is poised not only to target emerging superbugs, but to rapidly adapt as pathogens learn to resist it.

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