At Eligo, we are passionate about developing new drugs to address unmet medical needs!

Eligo is building a platform technology to produce an arsenal of eligobiotics to target a wide range of bacterial species. With such a capability, Eligo is poised to lead the new generation of precision microbiome engineering companies. To build our library of delivery vectors based on phage capsids, we need to turn wild-type bacterial strains into engineered producer strains.

We are looking for excellent microbiologists excited to tackle the challenge of engineering and optimizing bacterial strains (aerobic/anaerobic, gram pos/gram neg, etc) to enable the production of species-specific eligobiotics. The ideal candidate is passionate about microbiology and molecular biology.

You’ll work hand-in-hand with Eligo phage biologists, synthetic biologists, and animal models scientists to optimize the engineering and validation of eligobiotics candidates for clinical trials.


  • Genetically engineer bacterial strains from different bacterial species to produce new, pure eligobiotics at high titers
  • Build from scratch new DNA packaging and delivery systems
  • Design, test, debug, and optimize phage genomes engineered for particle production
  • Work hand-in-hand with our Phage Biologists and Synthetic Biologists to accelerate the process of new eligobiotics development


  • Ph.D. or equivalent
  • Previous success in manipulating and engineering at least one aerobic organism and one anaerobic organism
  • Can copy, paste, or edit genetic code on a plasmid or a genome as easily as using Word
  • Several years of post-graduate/industry experience with both gram-positive and gram-negative organisms a plus