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At Eligo, we create disruptive tools to engineer the microbiome and to develop next-gen therapies for a variety of diseases.

To make this happen, we have assembled a team of passionate, creative and best-in-class scientists that strive to apply cutting edge research to solve real-world problems.

If you believe that microbiomics can reshape biotech & pharma industries, want to keep learning about new technologies and really make a difference with your work, then get in touch, we have something for you!

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• Research Scientists: Bioengineers & Capsids Architects

What you get

An opportunity to apply cutting-edge technologies to solve real world problems

An international, interdisciplinary, inspiring and collaborative environment in the heart of Paris

A team that is passionate, creative, driven and at the top of their game

Above-market salary

Stock options plan

Fully paid health insurance with the highest coverage

Fully paid public transport card

Access to Pasteur Institute reputed canteen


At Eligo, we want to kill bad bugs and bad bugs only. But bad bugs are numerous. Therefore, our mission is to engineer an arsenal of eligobiotics capable of injecting our CRISPR/Cas system into a wide range of bacteria from the skin, the gut or the lungs.

Our synthetic biology platform relies on 3 main processes. First, we tap into nature to find and isolate wild-type phages that can inject their DNA into the bacterial strain of interest. Second, we engineer bacterial strains to assemble and produce synthetic non-replicative delivery vectors based on isolated phages and capable of incorporating our CRISPR/Cas system. Finally, we engineer the vectors composition to extend their host-range and widen the delivery spectrum of our eligobiotic.

We are therefore currently looking for experts in – molecular biology, DNA assembly, synthetic biology, genome refactoring, phage biology, protein interaction or related fields – to work with us on one of the most exciting synthetic-biology based drug-development platform.

[ Wanted: Bioengineers and Phage Experts]      

From the engineering of phages and bacterial strains to produce non-replicative synthetic CRISPR/Cas DNA circuits packaged in phage-based delivery vectors to the modification of phage capsids’ host-range to precisely control the delivery spectrum of eligobiotics. (Full-time) 

• PhD in molecular biology, synthetic biology, phage biology, microbiology or related field
• Experience with molecular biology and/or genetic engineering of microbes and/or bioinformatics

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Interested in working in a dynamic and fast paced working environment
• Professional proficiency in English